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5 Ways to Easily Increase Your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Levels

darin steen

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is considered to be the fountain of youth by many people. This is because higher levels of HGH have been correlated with decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, and looking younger. In other words, higher levels of HGH is a really good thing, for both men and women of all ages. […]

The Best Natural Joint Product

  I have been pushing my body hard as a competitive athlete for 43 years. I have learned a lot about how to ease pain in my joints by trial and tribulation. You most likely have similar experiences as me, trying many supplements that promise pain relief. Only to be disappointed. Well, I finally found […]

Are Protein Bars Good for You?

Chances are that the protein bar you munch on at snack time or post workout is actually doing you harm. More harm, in fact, than most candy bars. Many protein bars, according to an independent third party tester, have more saturated fat and sugar than a Krispy Kreme doughnut. (Just one example of why reading […]

Do You Have the Flu? Here are 3 Simple Steps to Treat It

So you have the flu. What should you do? A lot of folks get a seasonal flu shot. Unfortunately–even if we ignore the potentially harmful side effects–a specific year’s flu shot can be horribly ineffective against that year’s flu strand. This year’s shot was notoriously bad. Most of this ineffectiveness, however, is due to the […]

Why You Need More Magnesium

“Am I getting enough magnesium?” is most likely a question you’ve never asked yourself. While that’s not surprising—magnesium is one of the most overlooked micronutrients—it is unfortunate. An estimated 80 percent of Americans are deficient in this vital mineral.

Nutrient Timing for Pre, Intra & Post Workout Supplements & Whey Protein

Nutrient Timing for Pre, Intra & Post Workout Supplements & Whey Protein made simple. Get 3 Shakers 1. Pre Workout taken 60 min. before workout 1. Amped Power Pre ( creatine ) 2. Amped NOx 3. Natural Pre Workout ( natural caffeine ) 2. Second Shaker – Intra and or post Workout Shake taken during […]

“Nutrition / Supplement of The Month” – Adaptogens – Botanicals – Lower Stress / Anxiety

What are Adaptogens / Botanicals / Super Green Food / Alkalizing Greens? Ashwagandha has been used by the east for 1,000’s of years with great results for optimizing longevity while the United States and the modern western cultures & the Pharmaceutical industry have been using medications for 150 years.. I am not here to downplay […]