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Two Mind Clearing Techniques To Lower Your Stress Level & Increase Your Productivity

Do you have trouble focusing? Can you start and finish a task? Most of the people I deal with tell me that they have trouble concentrating. When I utilize these two techniques consistently, I notice a dramatic difference in my ability to get stuff done. To empower yourself with a few techniques that work well.. […]

My Confession – I Gotta Get This Off My Chest

I shot this difficult video yesterday and it is literally going viral. It has over 7,000 views, 10 shares, 3,000 interactions and I have received over 100 private messages and emails. The takeaway for me is that life comes at us fast & furious. We all get kicked in the gut ( and the head […]

How Do You Heal Your Body When Your Spirit and Emotions have been Traumatized?

Is there a God? What happens when we die? Can our loved one’s spirits hang around and give us signs? How do we get over trauma like rape and other extreme physical and emotional traumas imposed on us since infancy? How do we get over the anger toward an ex after a traumatic divorce with […]