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5 Ways to Easily Increase Your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Levels

darin steen

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is considered to be the fountain of youth by many people. This is because higher levels of HGH have been correlated with decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, and looking younger. In other words, higher levels of HGH is a really good thing, for both men and women of all ages. […]

7 Best Functional Fitness Exercises

The human body has remained pretty much the same for over a million years. Human activities? Not so much. Modern human bodies don’t regularly do the things they were built to do. Climb. Squat to poop. Sprint from predators. Walk up to 12 miles every day. Carry heavy objects back to our caves. While we […]

4 Ways You Can Naturally Decrease Estrogen

Estrogen is an important hormone, for both females and males. Unfortunately, most people on a modern diet and living a modern lifestyle have an estrogen imbalance. This imbalance is particularly bad for men. Too much estrogen can cause the growth of man boobs, decreased libido, and depression. In addition to increasing your body’s natural testosterone […]

The Best Kettlebell for Your Home Gym

Kettlebells offer a unique, effective way to exercise. According to Tim Ferriss (in The 4-Hour Body) a person can get fit by simply doing kettlebell swings. Kettlebell swings, the exercise demonstrated in the above video, are no doubt an excellent compound movement. They’re a staple for the programs I design for my clients. And, thanks […]

3 Easy Health Hacks That Are Free & Fast To Burn Fat – Increase Energy, Focus & Productivity

Want Real Results? Join me here: I hope these health hacks work well for you. If you have any questions about how to personalize them comment below. Until next time, Darin

How Do You Heal Your Body When Your Spirit and Emotions have been Traumatized?

Is there a God? What happens when we die? Can our loved one’s spirits hang around and give us signs? How do we get over trauma like rape and other extreme physical and emotional traumas imposed on us since infancy? How do we get over the anger toward an ex after a traumatic divorce with […]

Body Transformation Client Chris Works Out Less, Gains Muscle While Losing Fat. In our 3’rd week of his 16 Week Transformation Program he gained 8 lbs. on the scale and melted exactly 1 full inch of fat off his stomach… All while eating more starchy carbs… & working out less…  many of my clients use […]