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I’m a Fitness Trainer, Corporate Wellness Coach, Speaker, Author, Big Thinker, overall motivator & student of life. More than that, I’m a father (& mother) of 2 teenage daughters, cancer survivor, & family man who loves to share my knowledge of wellness to transform lives. At 52 years young, I am passionate about modeling the fountain of youth; by changing what we eat & how we move we can make healthier cells that help us look & feel good. Whether it is about wellness, my personal experiences, or my complete abandonment of my corporate 9-5 career to pursue my dream of training others, I speak my mind with a candid openness that is often recorded in “selfie-mode” on Social Media.

I am a lifelong drug, hormone & PED-free athlete & competitor best known for my 12-week Fat Loss Lifestyle Transformation, helping clients decrease body fat & stress while increasing posture awareness, natural energy, & productivity. In 3 months I can help you change your body & use the untapped healing potential of your mind- altering your belief system, way of thinking, & helping you succeed in the gym & life! I believe that anyone, no matter age, gender, or fitness experience can change their lifestyles & live their best lives. The results are obvious: not only do I follow my Fat Loss Lifestyle but I’ve helped thousands of clients transform their bodies and minds with the same program, including online health guru Dr. Joe Mercola, his family, & entire staff. In 2015 at the age of 48, after a long 6-month process culminating in a grueling 48 hours of tests, I was hand-picked by Arnold Schwarzenegger & a panel of judges to be named America’s Next Great Trainer at the Arnold Classic.

With a new book on the horizon, I want to share my fat loss lifestyle with the world. My true passion is corporate wellness & transforming the lives of entire businesses, from the inside out. What’s next for me? Total world domination, documented one “selfie” at a time.

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