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Two Mind Clearing Techniques To Lower Your Stress Level & Increase Your Productivity

Do you have trouble focusing? Can you start and finish a task? Most of the people I deal with tell me that they have trouble concentrating. When I utilize these two techniques consistently, I notice a dramatic difference in my ability to get stuff done. To empower yourself with a few techniques that work well.. […]

My Solution To Those That Are Stressed Out & Have Low Energy Plus Exercise of The Week

Thank you for the comments and emails on my “Confession Video” I posted a couple days ago. Here is my follow up video and a new solution I have created.. Comment below if you would like to know more about my new online “4 Week Lifestyle Kick Start” program.             […]

My Confession – I Gotta Get This Off My Chest

I shot this difficult video yesterday and it is literally going viral. It has over 7,000 views, 10 shares, 3,000 interactions and I have received over 100 private messages and emails. The takeaway for me is that life comes at us fast & furious. We all get kicked in the gut ( and the head […]