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“Nutrition / Supplement of The Month” – Adaptogens – Botanicals – Lower Stress / Anxiety

What are Adaptogens / Botanicals / Super Green Food / Alkalizing Greens? Ashwagandha has been used by the east for 1,000’s of years with great results for optimizing longevity while the United States and the modern western cultures & the Pharmaceutical industry have been using medications for 150 years.. I am not here to downplay […]

Body Transformation Client Chris Works Out Less, Gains Muscle While Losing Fat. In our 3’rd week of his 16 Week Transformation Program he gained 8 lbs. on the scale and melted exactly 1 full inch of fat off his stomach… All while eating more starchy carbs… & working out less…  many of my clients use […]

New Client Chris Bartolini Melts Over 1 Inch Of Fat Off Stomach – 16 Week Body / Life Transformation

I would like you to meet two of my new clients.. Dawn & Chris Bartolini. They melted over 220 lbs. of fat off collectively three years ago. And now, they have hired me to help them streamline their next level Transformation.  Dawn and Chris are extremely busy with 2 children ( 3 counting Chris 😉 […]